The server is currently using the map DoggyStyle. The next map to be played can be selected by clicking one a map below. After the next server restart, the selected map will be used. Servers restarts occur after the last human player has left the game. If no map is selected, then the server will choose a random map. Once selected, the map can not be changed until after the next restart.

The Computer Aided Map Designer's first real test... (150x150)
by Tom Grydeland
Blood's Music II (100x100)
CloudScape (179x176)
by Boerge 'Lynx' Berg-Olsen
The Newbie Globe (170x170)
by Bjørn Stabell (newbie mods by Bucko)
DoggyStyle (49x50)
by Kjell Irgens
Fireball (200x200)
by Olaf Brandt
Fuzz EW (178x198)
by Ronny H. Arild (+BG)
Fuzz II (141x161)
by Ronny 'Snowball' Arild
The Globe (170x170)
by Bjørn Stabell
Grand Prix II (200x200)
by Steven Singer (+BG&MB)
New Dark Hell (200x200)
by PeaceMaker
New Dark Hell II (200x200)
by PeaceMaker
Padded Room (100x100)
by Dave Lemke
The Pit! (156x200)
by Ronny H. Arild
Planet X (310x267)
by Børge Berg-Olsen
TEAMBALL 2.4 - 2 teams, 6 balls, 3 shots (57x83)
by DR.DEATH mods by Toast
Tourmination (80x80)
by Bert Gijsbers
Tournament (80x80)
by Ken Ronny Schouten
Team Warfare (120x80)
by Andy Skinner